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Coaching for sport

Gain an edge with biofeedback and neurofeedback

Get in the zone faster. Stay there longer.

Your competitive advantage is faster, clearer thinking. Unlocking your body’s full potential means reaching high focus at just the right time. We will improve your focus for better performance under pressure.

Your form will peak unreliably without mental and emotional control. That leads to inconsistent results and performance anxiety – causing you to choke at key moments.

We will teach you to quieten an overly-busy brain so you can call on peak mental performance at will. You’ll take your performances to a new level through enhanced emotional control.


We help you:

– Speed up your reaction time

– Perceive movement more clearly

– Improve your resilience and emotional control

– Sharpen your mind

– Learn to focus for longer

So you can:

– Slow things down, creating more time to act

– Predict what teammates and opponents will do

– Stay in control and avoid negative reactions

– Make better decision, even under pressure

– Avoid distractions and see opportunities clearly


Peak mental performance right when you need it.

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change. We can train the mind the same way we train our bodies.

We record physiological and neurological activity during our sessions. Heart function, skin temperature, perspiration, breathing rate, muscle activity and brainwave patterns all build up a picture of how you are performing.

We analyse your responses by using real-time data, quickly adapting your training sessions. You will notice more positive behaviours and begin to form new, better habits.

Positive feedback, both conscious and subconscious, reinforce your progress.

Learn to quiet a busy mind.

Your performance will be impaired by an overly busy mind. Overthinking causes negative self-talk and self-punishing behaviour.

Working against a negative mindset through increased effort can lead to more frustration and a downward spiral which impacts your form and consistency.

Give yourself a winning edge by knowing how to calm your mind, especially during moments of high pressure.


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