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Life’s challenges

Recover, manage and thrive

What issues are you facing? We can help you recover from injuries, manage pain and tackle dependency. Our brains are able to continue changing throughout our lives. This neuroplasticity lets us re-train our minds to improve our well-being.

Together we can build up your resilience, break negative habits and change unhelpful cycles of thought. Our training will help you get back emotional control, improve your state of mind and give you the tools for self- development in the future.

Ease your anxiety and depression

By helping you understand your negative patterns of thought, you'll begin to break the habits that put you into a downward spiral. Our programme will show you how to re-train your mind to react differently.

You'll become able to spot and avoid unnecessary negative thoughts thanks to your new emotional resilience. You'll also be better able to recover from setbacks. Instead of becoming stuck in a cycle that you struggle to get out of, you'll be able to put thoughts and feelings into their proper context.

We use biofeedback and neurofeedback. In other words, we measure how your body reacts to various situations and see that data live on-screen. Analysing it together, we'll tailor the programme to address the areas needing the most improvement.

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You’ll see how your mind causes physical changes in breathing and heart rate. We teach you to recognise those changes sooner and eventually avoid them altogether by being better prepared throughout the day.

By breaking the negative habits that have probably taken hold, you’ll notice improvements in your day-to-day outlook and ability to get through each day.

Seeing your improving results live on-screen reinforces your progression to your conscious mind and just as importantly, to your sub-conscious mind. You’ll leave with well-developed skills for lifelong personal development.

Ease your anxiety and depression

We can help you to take control. By correcting negative habits and patterns you can get learn to break out of the cycles that hold you back. Using technology, our assessment and training help you re-train your mind to think and react differently.

You’ll become more emotionally resilient and be equipped to spot and avoid negative thoughts. The new ways of thinking that you learn and embed will help you to overcome your challenges and give you tools to avoid setbacks.

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When dealing from dependency and addiction it is important that you become able to correct negative patterns of thinking. Learning how you react to certain situations is the first step in re-training your mind to better cope with thoughts and feelings that you have previously struggled with.

We know that feelings of anger, guilt and shame can also hinder recovery for some people, making lasting change difficult. Our training will help you deal with painful thoughts in a positive way that leads you to improvement rather than relapse.

A benefit of the biofeedback and neurofeedback that we use is that you re-train your mind without the process of discussion that counselling involves. For some, talking about painful memories can be very difficult and our programmes don’t need this to be successful.

We begin by assessing where you are now. We look at lots of indicators like how your breathing, heart rate, temperature and thought patterns change in response to different tasks questions. You’ll be able to see the results on-screen, and we can analyse them together to spot areas for improvement.

Our training will be designed taking all this into account. As you begin to re-train your mind to react differently and to avoid getting into negative cycles you’ll see your results change on-screen. The positive encouragement this gives you will really reinforce your new thinking and help you to keep on developing these your techniques into the future.

Learn to ease chronic pain

Chronic pain can have a debilitating impact on day to day life. Although pain is a vital sensory system, the sensation of pain is affected not just by what is happening in the body but also the way that we respond to it.

Our training programmes can help you change the way your mind reacts to what the body is telling it, which can lessen the persistence, during and severity of the sensation of pain without the use of medicine to bring you some relief.

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The sensation of pain does not always accurately reflect the level of the injury or problem your body has. In some cases pain can persist even when the issue in your body has been resolved. The mind can become overly sensitive to the body’s communications of pain and exaggerate its severity, leading to very real discomfort which can negatively impact on day to day life.

Our programmes help you to re-train your mind so that it reacts differently to the pain signals it receives. The aim is to return your brain’s sensitivity to more normal and manageable levels. By better understanding your mind’s patterns you’ll being to change negative habits and cycles of thought.

Our assessments use biofeedback and neurofeedback. We will track and monitor the way that your mind and body react physiologically. We look at things like heart rate, breathing patterns, temperature, levels of brain activity and more. Your results appear on-screen and we analyse them together to design a training programme that will work for you.

We use similar principles to mindfulness, building on the mind’s ability to adapt to create profound positive change. Using technology helps us reach your desired outcomes more quickly. You’ll begin to see your improvements reflected in the data which will help to drive your forward and you’ll also take away techniques that will continue to help you in the future.

Ease the effects through a calmer mind

You can learn to deal better with stress, manage anxiety and change your mind’s habits so you feel better prepared for life’s challenges and improve your performance and emotional resilience.

Being relaxed yet alert is the ideal state of mind to tackle stressful situations. Our assessment will give you a better understanding of the ways your body reacts to stress. With this knowledge we’ll design training for your brain that lets you stop stress and worries getting on top of you.

We’ll help you return to being relaxed and alert quickly so you’re ready for the next task. You’ll also be able to really take control, continuing your personal development into the future.

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Our training and assessments are based on biofeedback and neurofeedback. In other words we monitor and measure how your body and mind react in various situations. This data is presented on-screen and together we’ll analyse it, developing a course that addresses areas needing improvement.

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how your mind’s reactions cause physical changes such as faster breathing or heightened heart rate. Our training then builds up your ability to recognise those changes earlier and eventually avoid them by being better prepared as you go through the day.

By learning techniques to reach a relaxed and alert state and crucially how to return to it you’ll see significant improvements in your day to day outlook and productivity. We’ll help you to change your emotional responses, breaking negative habits that can hold you back or push you into cycles that are hard to stop.

You’ll get positive reinforcement from our training as you see your performance advances on-screen which reinforces your progression. You will also establish a strong set of skills to continue making progress into the future.