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Perform better

What would you like to improve?

Improve your focus and attention, quiet your mind and reduce performance anxiety. High performing people demonstrate strong decision making, emotional resilience and focus. You can enhance your performance and overcome issues that you feel hold you back by knowing yourself better.

Our brains continue to be changeable throughout our lives. This is neuroplasticity. The flexibility of our mind means that we can train it in the same way that we exercise our bodies to stay healthy and help us reach our goals.

Feel less stressed and progress your career

You can sharpen your thinking and reach a state of relaxed focus when you need to. By assessing your physiological responses we’ll help you train your mind so that you can reach your top form at the right time.

We’ll help you deal with stressful situations more easily, and your improved well being will also help you identify new opportunities at work.

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We use technology in our assessments to help you understand how your body and mind respond to a range of exercises and tests. This biofeedback and neurofeedback presents data live on-screen.

The programmes we develop from data analysis will begin to change your patterns of thoughts and feelings, helping you to improve your performance and outlook. Your new habits will become embedded because you’ll see your improving results in your data.

You’ll improve your general well being and outlook and be able to get the most out of life. At work, many tasks benefit from improved focus such as data analysis, making presentations, reviewing evidence or physical tasks needing high precision such as surgery. Simply being able to create the conditions for you to perform at your best as and when you need to can help you reach your goals.

Be at your best exactly when you need to be

Achieving high performance relies on getting to high focus at exactly the right time. Without a measure of control, finding that state becomes unreliable and consistency of sporting results suffer.

By assessing your physiological responses we can help you reach a state of high focus and improved reaction times. In sport you’ll develop the ability to reliably reach your top form, whether at play or in competition.

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Our technology-assisted assessments produce data that track your physiological responses to a range of exercises and tests. This is called biofeedback and neurofeedback, and the information is presented live on-screen.

Through analysis of the data, we will design a training programme for you. You will exercise and condition your mind to elevate your performance by changing your patterns of thought and feeling. You’ll strengthen these new habits by having the positive feedback of seeing your advancing results on-screen.

Athletes routinely work on achieving a state of high focus to eliminate distractions and unlock their body’s full potential when needed. Whatever level you are competing at, learning to quiet your mind and focus fully will help you perform better.

Achieve a calmer, happier mind

You can learn to deal better with stress, manage anxiety and change your mind’s habits so you feel better prepared for life’s challenges and improve your performance and emotional resilience.

Being relaxed yet alert is the ideal state of mind to tackle stressful situations. Our assessment will give you a better understanding of the ways your body reacts to stress. With this knowledge we’ll design training for your brain that lets you stop stress and worries getting on top of you.

We’ll help you return to being relaxed and alert quickly so you’re ready for the next task. You’ll also be able to really take control, continuing your personal development into the future.

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Our training and assessments are based on biofeedback and neurofeedback. In other words we monitor and measure how your body and mind react in various situations. This data is presented on-screen and together we’ll analyse it, developing a course that addresses areas needing improvement.

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how your mind’s reactions cause physical changes such as faster breathing or heightened heart rate. Our training then builds up your ability to recognise those changes earlier and eventually avoid them by being better prepared as you go through the day.

By learning techniques to reach a relaxed and alert state and crucially how to return to it you’ll see significant improvements in your day to day outlook and productivity. We’ll help you to change your emotional responses, breaking negative habits that can hold you back or push you into cycles that are hard to stop.

You’ll get positive reinforcement from our training as you see your performance advances on-screen which reinforces your progression. You will also establish a strong set of skills to continue making progress into the future.

Reach your creative mindstate more often

There is a reason creative thoughts often come to us when doing repetitive, monotonous things. Our minds tend to slip into a calm state where new connections can be made.

We’ll help you train your mind so that you can find that creative state of mind when you need it, making your work time more productive. You’ll make more connections and identify more opportunities, helping you achieve your goals.

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The technology we use in our assessments will present biofeedback and neurofeedback data live on-screen. You’ll start by learning about the way your mind and body react in various situations.

The programmes we put together for you will train your mind to recognise the state of mind we are trying to achieve and get to it more easily. Eventually, it will become habitual, meaning that as well having your creative thoughts when in the shower, you’ll also be able to be creative when at you need to at your desk.

Being more creative can positively impact most areas of your life. As well as being more creative at work, our sessions can help you progress at play.

Make faster progress through better feedback

Being able to truly relax is important for our general well-being and happiness. An overly busy mind can reduce the quality of our rest, work and relationships which can all negatively impact day to day life.

We can help you achieve a calmer mind that lets you switch off from distractions and worries when you want to and focus on being present in the moment.

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You might be familiar with mindfulness already. The ability to change the way our minds react to challenges we face can create profound positive change. Our programmes are built on these principles and use technology to help make more accurate assessments.

The biofeedback and neurofeedback data is displayed on-screen. We can use this to help you quieten your mind and deepen your focus to become more present in day to day life. This is thanks to the ability to see the way your body reacts and in particular how well you achieve a state of rest.

Being able to able to see your improvements on-screen allows you to make faster progress and take newly developed habits out into day to day life. You’ll learn techniques to relax and unwind, helping you to make the most of time off and to feel that you are getting the most out of life.